By Anthony Cam       (a pseudonym, used to maintain sexual credibility)

I was senseless when she gentled me.
Between my teeth I took the bloodstained bit of love
And leaped, how high, heavenward to my top-heaviest rosiest  clouds
And still could not unseat
Her chaste knees and violent heels upon my ribs.
Up there I rolled on thunderheads,
Swam mackerel skies,
Scraped my sublime wings on mares' tails,
Tossed woolpacks
And the fresh unmolested fleeces of the blue,
Thrashed mist, scud, rack, nimbus and purrest sun,
0 how unpounce this hot virago from my back?
Then, if she will  ride me, I'll try earth and so destroy us both:
I dropped down heavens, down skies, down lower airs and spaces,
We crashed like dead monsters on that mountain top
And rolled together, maddened lovers on the slipping screes.
I sang in my nickering heart:
I've killed the creature, I shall fly alone once more!"
I turned, reddened, bruised, my powerful right wing cracked,
My nostrils snorted to the smell of life:
She lay beside me, comfortable as swansdoun ease,
No bruise, no blood, no golden hair outraged,
Her rare virginity against my hide
(How white, how doubly white we were together) --
She put her resolute hand upon my royal neck
And smiled.
I scented death, sorrow, resurrection.
I hobbled to my scratched and trembling hooves
And let her slip the delicate bridle over me;
We stepped like children down that dangerous slope;
And how long we wandered in green pastures, who can say?
I know I healed, I grazed, she slept often in my sheltering shadow,
I carried her between my wings,
We found strange skies, her long-lost sisters --
She wanders with me yet.

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